Why blog?

Well let me start by saying, I enjoy what I get up to so much I decided why not share it with my fellow foodies. At first I had my doubts about blogging because there is already so many food blogs out there but then I thought to myself there’s already so many doctors, lawyers and youtubers as well soo hey haha..But no really it came to me, that as much as there are many foodies out there already, there isn’t another me and that is what will set me apart from other blogs, my own personal touch. As exciting as the idea was for me it was also quite scary because there is so much judgement and need to conform on social media these days I wondered if anybody would like “me” or my blog but then again I told myself I decided to do this not to appeal to social media standards out there but for my fellow foodies who find it okay to be making a mess and hoping it turns out okay in the end and for me it’s just sharing my love and passion for food. So for those who don’t know bloggers are humans too, meaning there is always room for improvement. I plan on taking on this journey one step at a time, tuning into what works for me but also accommodating my fellow blog readers. I am currently still settling into my new kitchen and finding my way but I am looking forward to making up some great recipes and to see where this journey takes me. I am planning on posting consistently but like I mentioned one step at a time until I find my feet. Constructive criticism is always welcome but nasty comments can be kept thanks. Anyway here’s to a start of something great!



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